Krifca at collection center in Lushnja: We are going to have this year exports worth 600 million Euros

At the Green Nature collection center in Lushnja, there is work underway on the exports of agricultural products.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Frida Krifca closely inspected the progress of the work in this center which was built with the support of government programs and according to the best standards, with refrigeration capacity and so on. This center helps the farmers in the area to sell products, guaranteeing them optimal prices and supplying the local and foreign market with fresh fruits and vegetables in every season.

“Built thanks to the support of our programs in Savër, Lushnja, we saw, together with the hard working Mayor Josif Gorrea the high-standard organization of cargoes for export of watermelons and peppers produced by our farmers, which are in great demand in the western markets “, said Krifca.

The minister emphasized that, “We have set a major objective which we have announced publicly, to reach one billion Euros in agricultural exports by 2030”.

Krifca stated that, “We hit 500 million Euros last year and it is quite possible that we will end this year with around or over 600 million Euros of agricultural exports”.