Kosovo imposes additional sanctions on Russia, also sanctions the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Government of Kosovo has approved the package of sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the new additional package of sanctions against the Russian Federation. At the government meeting, the Deputy Foreign Minister, Liza Gashi, emphasized that the sanctions are coordinated with the United States of America, the European Union and other allies, for the full protection of common values and democracy.

As for the sanctions against Russia, Gashi has said that they are related to the death of the Russian oppositionist, Alexei Navalny.

“Continuing to support the opposition to the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine and in accordance with EU and US sanctions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs proposes for review and approval decisions on the implementation of the 12th and 13th package of EU sanctions for undermining and violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine and violating the rights of the Russian Federation, which are closely related to the murder of the Russian dissident Navanly… As well as the package of sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, namely against persons of entities involved in nuclear and ballistic missile activities and persons of ethnicities who provide support to the Government of Iran”, said Gashi.

Likewise, the Government of Kosovo has allocated 142 thousand euros for the holding of the Western Balkans Summit organized by the prestigious “The Economist”.

For this, Kurti has said that it is an extraordinary opportunity for the global promotion of Kosovo’s successes.

“The holding of this conference in Prishtina organized by the prestigious organization ‘The Economist’, with the participation of important foreign guests and worldwide exposure through the social platforms of ‘The Economist’ is an extraordinary opportunity for the global promotion of Kosovo’s successes “, said Kurti.

Meanwhile, at today’s meeting of the Government, the Draft Strategy of the Republic of Kosovo for Transitional Justice 2024-2034 was also approved. The Minister of Justice, Haxhiu, said that the strategy aims to help correct injustices, to heal the traumas caused by the painful past that are a consequence of the crimes that Serbia has committed in Kosovo.

At the government meeting on Thursday, the Preliminary proposal-decision for expropriation in the public interest, for the needs of the Central Drug Store and accommodation of the administration of the Ministry of Health (MoH), was also approved, for which the Minister of Health, Arben Vitia has said that this decision is very important for the preservation of medicines.

In this meeting, the draft law for the management of water resources by Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (MESPI) was also approved, according to the deputy minister in this ministry, Jeton Raka, with this draft law, the Agency for the management of water resources is established, as an executive agency with clearly defined tasks and responsibilities.

The Project-regulation for determining effective procedures for the identification, reporting and referral of exploitation, neglect and abuse of the child as well as for the Protection of Children in Street Situations has also been approved. With this, the Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu, said that this ministry has completed the entire infrastructure of the acts deriving from the child protection law.

Meanwhile, the proposal-decision for the amendment and completion of the Government Decision on the appointment of the Governing Board of the HUCSK (Hospital and University Clinical Service of Kosovo) has also been approved.

Likewise, the editorial group that will deal with the treatment of published works as well as unpublished manuscripts of professor Ukshin Hoti has been proposed.