Knezevic: We are ready to make concessions, but Parliament Speaker position belongs to us

Podgorica, (MINA) – The For the Future of Montenegro (ZBCG) coalition is ready to make certain concessions in the government formation process, but not to devaluate the election will of the citizens, said the coalition’s ticket leader Milan Knezevic, underscoring that the position of the Parliament Speaker belongs to ZBCG.

He said this to the press in Cetinje, following the talks with President of Montenegro Jakov Milatovic, who launched the consultations on a PM designate for the composition of a new government.

Knezevic said that he and his party colleague Predrag Bulatovic had a constructive and open meeting with the President.

“We openly told him that both the Democratic People’s Party and ZBCG want to see the government composed of the former 30 August majority, that its backbone should be the Europe Now (PES), ZBCG, the Democratic Montenegro and the ethnic minority parties”, said Knezevic.

He said that the most stable parliamentary majority and the government would be those composed of at least 49 MPs.

“Which would bring Montenegro to the phase of stability, so that it could get committed to fight against organized crime and corruption, speed up the EU integration process and improve the living standard of the citizens”, said Knezevic.

Asked to comment on PES’s press statement, in which this party expressed regret that one of ZBCG members was thinking the same as the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Knezevic said that he wouldn’t comment on that, adding that they were ready to make some concessions, but not for humiliation or devaluation of election will of the citizens.

He said that PES should put forward a PM designate, but that the rules that apply to others should also apply to ZBCG.

Commenting the fact that Democrats’ leader Aleksa Becic didn’t either confirm nor deny that they expected the position of a Parliament Speaker, he recalled the principle according to which the distribution of the position would be carried out in line with the number of the seats won and democratic standards and principles.

“If we apply that rule, than the position of a PM belongs to PES, and the position of a Parliament Speaker belongs to ZBCG”, said Knezevic.

According to him, if democratic standards and rules were to be applied, ZBCG should have seven departments in the potential government, formed by a PES representative.

“But regardless of that, ZBCG is ready to make certain concessions, but we simply don’t want anyone to devalue our votes and that the votes of those who voted for us to be worth less than some others”, said he.

Asked if these concessions could apply to the position of Parliament Speaker, Knezevic said that Spajic has a great responsibility before the Montenegrin public and the citizens who want to dismantle the DPS legacy.

He said that Spajic had an option to form a government with DPS or some other entity.