Jarazi for ATA: 181% more tourists in Tirana, the number of overnight stays increased as well

Tirana saw twofold increase in tourist numbers this year, a figure that was expected since the streets and attractions of the capital have been packed with foreign visitors.

 The figure was revealed in an interview for the Albanian Telegraphic Agency by the director of the Directorate of Tourism in the municipality of Tirana, Ketrina Jarazi, who emphasized that in addition to the twofold increase in the number of tourists, the length of overnight stay in Tirana has also doubled.

 “Referring to the statistics of the Infopoint near the municipality of Tirana, in 2023 the number of tourists who presented themselves to the counters to ask for information during the months of June, July and August 2023 has doubled compared to the same period last year and has increased by 181 % compared to the same period of 2021”, emphasized Jarazi.

 “The length of overnight stay of tourists during 2023 has doubled compared to last year, increasing from 4 to 7 nights’ stay in Tirana”, she announced.

 As to the origin of tourists, Jarazi said that “European tourists: Italian, Spanish, French and German come first. But there has been an increasing number from other countries as well, such as the USA, Australia and Asia”.

 The attractions of interest are mainly historical, cultural and artistic sites.

Tirana offers attractions from antiquity, the Middle Ages, the period of war, the communist period and up to the works of public art developed recently.