Dive into the history of BiH cuisine: ‘Pop-Up Gastro Museum’ exhibition in Sarajevo

A unique journey through the gastronomic heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina awaits all visitors to the History Museum in Sarajevo. An interesting exhibition called ‘Pop-up Gastro Museum’ has been set up from September 22 to October 15.

Everything was designed by Balkantina, a gastro-cultural agency founded in 2016 in Sarajevo, which through this exhibition offers visitors a unique collection of authentic artifacts dating from the medieval period to the Austro-Hungarian period, thus witnessing the development and changes in the world of Bosnian cuisine.

Some exhibits were once used in the preparation and consumption of the specialties of BiH cuisine. There are stories and historical facts, and everything is completed with recipes.

”Thus, visitors are offered the opportunity to dive deeper not only into the history of our cuisine but also our traditions and customs that marked the lives of our ancestors and which we want to promote and preserve in this way,” says Lana Novalić, executive director of Balkantina.

Balkantina organizes this event in cooperation with the Tourism Board of the Sarajevo Canton. It is important to note that the collection consists of authentic artifacts collected in cooperation with the famous Sarajevo restaurant “Inat kuća” and “Etno Bey’s Village” and that it is characterized by a rich historical significance and value.