Interest in military service growing, confirms minister

ZAGREB, 12 June (Hina) – Defence Minister Ivan Anušić informed the national parliament on Wednesday about growing interest in professional military service.

In the first five months, 451 candidates applied for military training, while in all of 2023, there were 616 candidates, and in 2022 there were 568, Anušić said in response to the question from Darko Klasić (HSLS)В during Question Time in the Sabor, who asked whether interest in military conscription has increased.

В According to Anušić, if this rate of applications continues in 2024, this year will have double-digit rises compared to 2023 and 2022.В

He recalled that the government had increased salaries for soldiers and daily allowances for those on missions, that the mandatory retirement age is now 50.

The minister announced further investments in the modernisation of the Armed Forces and increased material rights.

He added that he hopes this will contribute to the further popularisation of military service.

Minister of Science and Education Radovan Fuchs reiterated the government’s priorities in his sector. Our goal is to have all schools in one shift by 2027, to have sports halls and fields and to increase the number of children enrolled in high school programs from 30 to 35%, he said.

At the same time, he called on Zagreb and Rijeka to submit applications for the construction of sports halls, because they are lagging behind other cities.

When it comes to kindergartens, the goal is to have about 44,000 new places in kindergartens by 2027 compared to 2019, and the ultimate goal is for every child to have a place in kindergarten by 2030, added Fuchs.