Romania has fixed broadband coverage rate of 80 pct, fiber coverage at 93 pct

Fixed broadband coverage rate in Romania currently stands at 80%, while fiber coverage stands at 93%, Marius Saceanu, secretary general of the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM), told a specialist conference on Thursday.

“A very interesting thing is that there is not a very big discrepancy between urban and rural, namely 86% in urban, 72% in rural areas. The DESI report deems this to be a good thing, because we would be about third in Europe compared to other statistics that the Commission generated. A desideratum will be for every Romanian citizen to be digitally literate to a satisfactory level, to have a connection that will allow them to access at least basic services. As for the mobile area things are good. We have 4G with over 98% coverage from all mobile operators,” said Saceanu.

He added that in the 5G area there are just over two million connections, mostly individual subscribers.

On the other hand, the ANCOM representative mentioned that there are 1,100 localities in Romania that do not have any kind of connectivity.

The 8th edition of the conference “Digitisation and Cyber Security”, organized by the Bursa publication, brings together, on Thursday, representatives of authorities, professional organizations and representative associations.