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Group of students and teachers from France visit “Albanian Alps” National Park

For two days in a row, a group of representatives of students and teachers of the “BTSA Gestion Forestière – ISETA” Forestry School from France visited the “Albanian Alps” National Park.

Accompanied by the employees of Kukës Protected Areas Administration, the group visited and got acquainted with the Valbona area and explored the “Dragobi-Valbona” tourist trail.

According to Kukës Protected Areas Administration, the French students and professors got acquainted with the flora, fauna, forests, as well as the wonderful landscapes of the park.

Earlier, they visited the area of Kelmendi, Vermoshi, Theth, etc., being accompanied by the staff of Shkodra Protected Areas Administration.

The stunning beauty of the Alps is reflected in the clear waters of the rivers such as Shala, Valbona, Curraj, Cemi, Moraça, etc., as well as in glacial lakes such as those of Peja, Jezerca, Dobërdol, Sylbica, etc. They offer a fabulous tranquility and an adrenaline level, which changes every moment, of those who enjoy the beauties of this area.