Lajcak: Normalization more urgent than ever; conditions or delays are unacceptable

The EU’s Special Representative for Dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US, Gabriel Escobar, and the advisors of the state leaders of Germany, France and Italy, met with Prime Minister Albin Kurti, who was asked to de-escalate and normalize relations between Kosovo and Serbia, the return to dialogue but also the respect of the signed agreements. They said that they will also ask for all of this today in Belgrade in a meeting with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic.

The meeting lasted about two hours. After the meeting, only the EU’s special representative for the dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak, spoke to the media, who, in addition to saying that they appreciate Prime Minister Kurti’s willingness to continue the discussions soon, emphasized that the European Union will insist on conducting full investigations and drawing conclusions so that there is no escape of the perpetrators of the terrorist attack in the north of Mitrovica, on September 24.

According to him, dialogue has no alternative, because this is the only way to normalize relations between Kosovo and Serbia and open the European path for Kosovo and Serbia.

Lajcak told the media that with Prime Minister Kurti and the first deputy prime minister, Besnik Bislimi, they had a deep and substantive discussion on how to advance the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia and achieve progress in the implementation of the agreement on the normalization path.

Lajcak was asked if there is any plan for today’s meetings in Kosovo and Serbia, especially for the establishment of the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority.

And when he was asked about the bias that was accused by Prime Minister Kurti some time ago, Lajcak said that he supports the European Union.

According to him, the EU and NATO are investigating the facts about the attack on the police officers in the north and very soon there will be information about the results.

As for the issue of the import of goods, he said that it is on the agenda and is being discussed within the dialogue, where he added that their strong preference is the removal of all barriers to the free movement of people and goods, and the opening of new economic opportunities for the region.

In addition to Lajcak and Escobar, high officials from France, Emanuel Bonne, Germany, Jens Plotner, and Italy, Francesco Talo, were also present at the meeting with Kurti.

After this meeting, they will also visit Belgrade.