Future authorities urged to carry our education system reform

Future authorities must urgently work on fundamental reform of the education system, that would focus on students, said Senior Advisor in the Center for Civic Education (CGO) Snezana Kaludjerovic.

She said that Montenegro has had solid public policies in the education system, but that the authorities failed to be consistent with the principles and the given promises, and therefore they were not implemented on time and as planned.

“The structure and the scope of the educational community in Montenegro are the biggest reservoir for party recruitment, trade in influence, and only through that lens, for now, decision makers perceive that system”, said Kaludjerovic in the interview with MINA News Agency.

She stated that, as a result, education has been brought to the current state – perhaps the biggest crisis so far.

Asked what she expected from the future decision-makers and what the priorities should be, Kaludjerovic said that the future authorities must urgently and inevitably work on essential reform of the education system, which would focus on the students and create conditions for students to learn, listen, think critically, explore and have dialogues.

She said that decades of the education system marginalization, tolerance of ignorance, arrogance and lack of ethics, along with the continuation and intensification of bad practices in recent years, came due.

Asked how much the since the change of government of August 30 2020 had been done in the field of education system reform, she replied that it was clear to everyone that only replacements took place and not essential changes.