Karađoz Bey Madrasah in Mostar marks 466 years since its foundation

The Karađoz Bey Madrasah in Mostar marked 466 years since its establishment and 28 years since the reactivation of its work, and the celebration of this significant date was held in the atrium of the Karađoz Bey Madrasah, while the solemn program was performed by students of this oldest educational institution in Herzegovina.

Mufti of Mostar, Salem ef. Dedović, professors, educators, employees and students of the Madrasah attended the ceremony. They all recalled the significance and role of the madrasah in the time and space in which it operates, as well as its importance for the youth, announced the Karađoz Bey Madrasah.

Director and professor of the Karađoz Bey Madrasah Aid Tulek and a graduate of the first post-war generation addressed on this occasion and sent the message.

”This day is a continuation of our rich history, and tradition, the day when the work of the Karađoz Bey Madrasah was reactivated after a 77-year break. In fact, today we are celebrating 466 years of education, which has a legacy of Islamic culture and tradition in our city and where the former Karađoz Bey Madrasah was the forerunner of higher education in Mostar and Herzegovina. Here we heard the verses of the Surah Al-Alaq and the words in which there is a call to science and education. I would like that to be our motto and guide, to be a strong institution, but also our students to be strong individuals. Each of you should do your best to be the best possible student, the best human being so that you finish this school and continue your education at one of the universities, and become a Bosniak who will preserve religion and homeland and pass this on to future generations, God willing,” said Director Tulek.