Exhibition on women’s role in promoting Croatia’s tourism to be staged soon

ZAGREB, 26 June (Hina) – An exhibition consisting of tourist leaflets, posters, brochures, travelogues, postcards and other print material showing women in the tourism and hospitality sector will be staged in the National and University Library (NSK) on 1 August.
The author of the exhibition, Jasenka Kranjčević of the Institute for Tourism, collected the material and made analyses for her research of the role of women in the promotion of Croatia as a destination for holiday tourism, sport tourism, as well as health and conference tourism and their role in presenting Croatia’s tourist heritage.
The material prepared for the exhibition includes a travelogue written by Maude M. Holbach, or reports made by mountaineer and writer Dragojla Jarnević, pictures and reports of cooks, chefs, chambermaids, women in folk costumes.
The exhibition runs through 25 August.
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