Women in Croatia paid 16% less than men on average

ZAGREB, 7 March (Hina) – Female workers in Croatia continue to be underpaid and have 16% lower wages than men, the MojPosao website said on Thursday on the occasion of International Women’s Day.
A man’s average net pay in 2023 amounted to €1,290 while a women’s amounted to €1,079.

The biggest gender pay gaps were registered in retail (20%) and administration (19%), and the smallest in companies in the production, transport and distribution of electricity, oil, water and waste (5%) and in the arts, entertainment and sports (6%).

On the other hand, women are paid more than men as chemical lab technicians (17%),В corporate social responsibility specialists and legal counsel (12%), and project planners and business secretaries (7%).

The smallest gender pay gaps were evident among the youngest respondents and those with less than a year of service.

That supports the theory, MojPosao said, that pay gaps increase the most when women take breaks from their careers for the sake of their families, while men continue to advance and gain experience.

The biggest gender pay gaps are in the 45-54 age group, when men are paid 27% more.

Pay gaps are due to discrimination, job preferences, as women are often more represented in underpaid sectors such as the textile industry, tourism, retail and services, and maternity leave, MojPosao said.