Croatian climbers marking 150 years of organised mountaineering trips

In 2024, Croatia is marking the 150th anniversary of the first organized mountaineering and climbing trips introduced by the Croatian Mountaineering Association (HPS) when it was established in 1874.

In 2024, the association will offer 150 guided climbing trips to Croatian mountains to mark this 150th anniversary.

In 1874, the HPS was founded with the aim of exploring mountainous and hilly areas of Croatia, which was one of the first countries in the world to have a national mountaineering association at the time.

In 1898, the HPS started publishing a monthly magazine called “Hrvatski Planinar” (“The Croatian Mountaineer” in an unofficial translation), to promote mountaineering-related activities which include traditional outdoor climbing and hiking.

Croatian mountaineers have conducted 19 expeditions to conquer the summits higher than 8,000 meters. They have climbed Mount Everest.

The association’s activities extend to speleology, climbing, orienteering and mountain rescue.

The HPS established a mountain rescue service in 1950.

Its members are also included in caving  to explore wild cave systems.

The HPS cares about 6,500 kilometers of mountain trails and operates 160 mountain huts and shelters throughout Croatia.

Currently, over 340 local societies make up this umbrella national association, and they have over 40,000 members.

The HPS is a member of the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation.