European Researchers’ Night, in Bucharest plus 27 cities in Romania

Nationally and internationally renowned researchers will interact with science enthusiasts at the European Researchers’ Night, an event taking place on Friday in Bucharest and 27 other cities in Romania.

The event is an initiative of the European Commission and has been appreciated by the public since its first edition in 2005 due to its innovative nature, making science accessible to all, with visitors taking part in scientific activities combining education and entertainment, exhibitions, experiments in which the public is actively involved, conferences, presentations, games and competitions.

According to the initiators, the journey into the world of science will be guided by the friendliest researchers in the country, who have prepared for the public unique experiments, presentations of the most innovative projects, amazing demonstrations, interactive workshops and interesting debates on scientific topics.

Full details of the programme and activities in each city can be found on the event website:

Children and adults from all over the country are invited to discover the extraordinary world of science through hundreds of activities for curious minds of all ages, in an event under the patronage of the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitisation.

In 2023, the European Researchers’ Night takes place in 26 countries, with more than 400 cities across Europe and beyond hosting the event, which aims to show the public what it means to be a researcher and how exciting research work can be.