Gerapetritis: There will be no concessions and no hidden agenda

“There is not going to be any concession or hidden agenda,” in the Greek-Turkish dialogue, Foreign Minister George Gerapetritis said on Friday in parliament. He was replying to a question raised by the leader of the Spartans, Vassilis Stigas, ahead of the Mitsotakis-Erdogan contacts.

“Our position is firm, transparent and clear. Of course we are going to converse with Turkiye. The Greek government wants peace based on the principles of international law,” Gerapetritis said.

In response to Stigas’ request that the government hold a council of political party leaders so that “we know what is going on”, Gerapetritis reiterated that Greek politics is transparent, clear, based on International Law, supports national rights and that the government was judged by parliament, while promising to appear in Parliament on a regular basis to brief the MPs.