Palestinian Film Festival’s 5th edition in April, in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca

The fifth edition of the Palestinian Film Festival, organized by the Mahmoud Darwish Cultural Center, under the baton of the Ministry of Culture of Palestine and the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Romania, will take place between April 18 and 21 in Bucharest and on April 28 in Cluj-Napoca, with a new artistic direction and a presentation of Palestinian cinema as a Cinema of Existence, a press release by Creative Arts informed.

The opening event will take place in Bucharest, at Luceafarul cinema, and the subsequent screenings will take place at the Peasant’s Museum cinema, where the audience will have the opportunity to discover and explore a remarkable selection of Palestinian films produced in recent years, covering relevant topics and aspects of Palestinian life and culture, the source said.

One of the titles of this edition is Alam directed by Firas Khoury, who will be a guest of the festival and will hold a workshop for students and young professionals.

Expanding its influence outside the capital, the Palestinian Film Festival will reach Cluj-Napoca this year, where three special screenings will take place at Victoria cinema on April 28. This expansion means that audiences in Cluj-Napoca will also have the opportunity to connect with Palestinian cinema and engage in cultural dialogue.

In the context of this edition, filmmaker Mirona Radu took over the artistic direction of the festival.

Anca Cristescu, president of Mahmoud Darwish Cultural Centre, stressed the importance of promoting intercultural dialogue.

“Through all the activities of our center and especially through the Palestinian Film Festival we address all those interested in exploring and better understanding Palestinian culture and traditions. Through films, the festival aims to create communication bridges and promote understanding and intercultural dialogue,” Anca Cristescu said.

More information will be available on the website of Mahmoud Darwish Cultural Center: