European Commission disburses RRF payment of 3.64 bln euros to Greece

The European Commission on Thursday announced the disbursement of payments to Greece and five other EU member-states.

According to a press release, the Commission paid to Greece the third payment under the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF). The payment amounts to 3.64 billion euros (1.69 billion euros in non-repayable financial support and 1.95 billion euros in loans, excluding pre-financing). On 16 May 2023 and on 22 November 2023, Greece submitted to the Commission the third request for payment for non-repayable support and the third request for payment for loans, respectively, covering 39 milestones and four targets. The overall recovery and resilience plan of Greece will be financed by 35.95 billion euros, with 18.22 billion euros in non-repayable support and 17.73 billion euros in loans.

Apart from Greece, Germany received its first payment under the RRF, Italy its fourth,  Portugal received the third and fourth payments combined, Slovakia received its third payment and Slovenia the second.