Europe Day is marked with many activities in the capital

Europe Day is being celebrated in the capital with various activities and a warm atmosphere. In “Zahir Pajaziti” square, where the opening of the “Experience Europe 2024” activity was held, the importance of this day for the entire European continent was emphasized.

The EU ambassador in Kosovo, Tomas Szunyog, and the mayor of Prishtina, Përparim Rama, have also made the official opening of the celebrations, which will take place throughout the day and also in the evening.

Ambassador Szunyog has assessed this day as important for all EU member states, while adding that today’s topic is a continuation of the campaign, after visa liberalization.

“This day holds great significance for the European continent, the European Union, and its member states. It carries a message of unity, solidarity, and harmony, symbolizing the European Union mission for peace and prosperity on our continent. This day is also very important for me personally as this is my final year of my mandate, and I will be leaving Kosovo this summer, so this is the last time I will be celebrating Europe Day here in Prishtina. As you can see today’s theme is “Experience Europe”, a continuation of our exploring Europe campaign on visa liberalization. Indeed, visa liberalization is one the brightest moments in the EU-Kosovo relations, I am hopeful more will come. If you haven’t had the chance to travel to any EU member state yet, we’ve made sure you can feel, taste, see, and listen Europe right here, a glance of at these beautiful stands will surely convince you” he said.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Prishtina, Përparim Rama, said that they are working so that Kosovo embraces the same spirit as other EU member states as soon as possible.

“Today’s manifestation for Europe Day aims first of all to celebrate the European spirit that pulsates right here, in Prishtina, in the heart of Kosovo. This spirit that flourishes with unity, cooperation and our aim for a brighter tomorrow is what binds us to the EU and what fuels our desire to join its ranks as soon as possible. Just as the European project began with the neighboring European states that put aside the differences of the past, so we in Kosovo are working to embrace the same spirit. The EU has been and remains a central partner in our development, and for that we are grateful. We are now on the threshold of a new era, determined to grab this historic opportunity with both hands. With unwavering determination, we will continue to walk our path towards the EU, a path that not only benefits Kosovo, but further strengthens the entire European project”, said Rama.

On the occasion of Europe Day, fifth grade students from 12 primary schools from all regions of Kosovo, created artistic works on the values of the EU, conveying through them their vision for the future of Kosovo. These students represent the different communities living in Kosovo.

The EU Ambassador in Kosovo, Tomas Szunyog, has stated that the creativity of the 5th grade students has added color to the Europe Day celebration.

“We are opening the second “Experience Europe” exhibition at the House of Europe in North Mitrovica. As I look around the walls of the Europe House, I am really impressed with your artworks that you all have created featuring the EU and Europe Day. Your creativity has really added color to our celebration”, said Szunyog.

Also, he said that the EU has resulted in building strong ties among the youth of Kosovo.

Szunyog added that the EU slogan “united in diversity” really resonates deeply everywhere, even in Kosovo.

“We have visited 12 schools in different regions of Kosovo, and we have been involved with different members of the communities. Inclusion and dialogue are fundamental values of the EU and our strength lies in the diversity of our cultures, traditions and languages. The slogan of the EU “united in diversity” really resonates deeply everywhere in Kosovo as well. The EU has resulted in building strong ties among the youth of Kosovo”, said Szunyog.

Europe Day was also marked in the north of Mitrovica, where the children’s art exhibition was opened in honor of this day.

The exhibition, through the drawings of students from different schools in the country, presented motives for Europe Day.

The representative of the EU Office in Kosovo (EUSR), the House of Europe in North Mitrovica, Helen Jacobs, said that the artistic work exhibited today came after various visits to several schools across Kosovo.

In her speech, Jacobs said that the EU is committed to building strong ties with the Kosovar youth, as according to her, strength, inclusiveness and dialogue are the fundamental pillars of the EU.

“The artwork on display here today, depicting EU and Europe day came about and visits to two different schools across Kosovo. So, from Prishtina to Janjeva, Mitrovica South and it was the carried out engaging young people of different communities. Second, such exhibition was also opened in Prishtina today. The creativity of the artists have certainly added color to the celebrations of Europe Day today. So, thank you very much to the artists who have contributed. The EU is committed to build strong connections with the youth of Kosovo as inclusivity and dialogue are fundamental EU values. Our strength lies and our diversity of cultures, traditions and languages”, said Jacobs.