Kostilnik: Kosovo and Serbia should implement the Brussels agreement and the Ohrid annex

The Head of Mission of Slovak Liaison Office in Prishtina, Rastislav Kostilnik, asked Kosovo and Serbia to implement the Brussels agreement and the Ohrid annex.

He said that the basic agreement is the best possible that could be negotiated for the normalization of Kosovo-Serbia relations.

“The Brussels agreement and it’s already implementation plan is the best we could negotiate. I believe that if we take the definition of the politics as the art of the achievable, the agreement is the best what we can get, right? Because yes, both parties could sketch out better agreement for themselves but we need the consent of the other party. Another thing, another point in this regard, is that since the both parties somehow hesitate to implement I believe we have the good agreement. And time wise when we take into account of the 2013 agreement, which has the implementation started in 2015, we are still on a good track, obviously there is no better alternative than the implementation”, he said.

Speaking about the relations between Kosovo and Slovakia, which is one of the five EU countries that have not yet recognized independence, the Slovak diplomat said that he hopes that they will advance.

“I would also like to reflect on the bilateral. During those five and a half years my office and the Kosovo administration we have started to dance, it was the first clumsy dance initially, then we somehow coded the tune, we even managed that my prime minister or my former prime minister met madam president, and now unfortunately somehow there is not very conducive tune playing but I believe that in the future we may start and be bit more advanced, so maybe there might be the positive dynamics if the situation would change”, he said.

He made these comments at the exhibition, “Art through the angle of a diplomat” at the end of his journey as a diplomat of the Slovak Liaison Office in Kosovo.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti was also part of the opening of this exhibition who expressed his gratitude to the Slovak diplomat and emphasized the need for the rapprochement of relations between the two countries.

“It has been privilege and pleasure to be able to have several long conversations and dozens of short ones. Where we discussed about how bilateral relationship between Kosovo and Slovakia but also about our continent, Europe and European Union as the most important project of peace and prosperity since the Second World War, and I am very fond of long discussions and conversations, I wish you all the best in the future assignments, and thank you for all the efforts and contribution in enhancing our bilateral relations between Kosovo and Slovakia”, he said.

Among other things, the Slovak diplomat expressed his thanks for the cooperation so far with the Kosovar institutions, while emphasizing the cooperation with the KosovaPress News Agency.