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Cyprus proposes a secure, fully monitored humanitarian corridor for Gaza, Kombos says

Cyprus proposes the creation of a secure, fully monitored hub and maritime corridor, through which aid can be sent to Gaza in high volumes and with high frequency, Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos said before the Foreign Affairs Council of the EU which is being held in Brussels on Monday. 

“Today I will be presenting Cyprus’s initiative for a maritime humanitarian corridor transferring aid to the people in Gaza”, Kombos said upon his arrival to the Council building. “A secure fully monitored quarantined hub with various options for high volume, high frequency phased delivery” he explained. 

Cyprus’s approach is supported by three underlying factors, Kombos added. “First, geographical proximity to Gaza, secondly the pre-existing infrastructure in Cyprus and finally the strategic relations with key stakeholders in the region creating political trust.” 

“We have opened this discussio /n and will continue working for a positive outcome” Kombos stressed. Asked to comment on the support given to the proposal by other member states, the Foreign Minister said that “we hope to increase the support we already have”.