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Cyprus has a specific strategy for additional aid to Gaza, President says

The Republic of Cyprus has a plan and a specific strategy for sending additional humanitarian aid to Gaza, always taking into account the conditions on the ground and with a number of options in relation to the destination, President Nikos Christodoulides said in a written statement Monday.

He noted that today Nicosia’s initiative to provide humanitarian aid to the civilian population in Gaza, through the Amalthia project, was implemented. The President recalled that Cyprus, from the very beginning, launched an effort to create a reliable mechanism for gathering, storing and safely shipping humanitarian aid cargoes by sea, relying on the available infrastructure and strategic political relations with all parties involved.

According to President Christodoulides the international community has now an effective option at its disposal to send further humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

He says that cooperation with Israel, the UK and other partners has been excellent, adding that Cyprus continues its efforts methodically, in cooperation with its partners and taking advantage of the fact that the Republic of Cyprus is the closest EU member state to the region and maintains excellent relations with its neighboring countries.