Construction of the Digital Revolution Centre to start next week

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Tehnopolis will organize a formal event on Monday to mark the beginning of the construction of the Digital Revolution Centre.

The event will be organized in front of the Revolution Centre in Niksic.

“Through an innovative approach, creative and thoughtful treatment of the existing space, and the valorization of its potentials, the Digital Revolution Centre will become a new multifunctional space for the development of the creative industry, both in Niksic and in Montenegro,” stated a press release issued by Tehnopolis.

The Digital Revolution Centre is also expected to enable the development of services provided by Tehnopolis, in line with the strategic vision of its growth, which will, in addition to providing support, facilitate the development of new commercial services.

“By developing existing and planning future infrastructure segments, as well as services, Tehnopolis will contribute to an increase in demand for office and creative spaces from individuals, teams, micro, and small companies seeking access to future equipment and services,” stated the press release.

The provision and equipping of these spaces for the purpose of offering necessary support and commercial services will further strengthen Tehnopolis’ capacity to foster the establishment and growth of innovative companies in the creative industry sector. This will provide an additional impetus to the development of the local and national economy, thereby positioning the Digital Revolution Centre, Tehnopolis, and Niksic as a hub for the creative industry in Montenegro.

The beginning of construction has been made possible thanks to continuous synchronized activity and successful cooperation among the Municipality of Niksic, Tehnopolis, the Administration for Capital Projects, and the Ministry of Science and Technological Development.