Average December bill amounts to €41.53

Excluding the unaccounted for facilities that are not permanently inhabited, the average electricity bill amounted to €41.53 in December, says Elektroprivreda Crne Gore (EPCG).

The EPCG stated that the lowest average consumption of €20.76 was registered in Mojkovac, while the highest average consumption in December was recorded in Tivat, where the households consumed €53.55 worth of electricity on average.

According to the power company, the bills lower than €30 were received by as much as 56.4 percent of the consumers, while the bills of 14.7 percent of consumers ranged between €30 and €50.

EPCG stated that 20.3 percent of consumers would pay between €50 and €100, while the electricity bills of 8.6 percent of consumers were higher than €100 in December.

A total of 163,850 consumers who pay their bills in a timely manner or 41.85 percent of the total number of Montenegrin households will benefit from discounts on their December bills.

The electricity consumption by households reached 150.87 million kWh in last December, 23.64 percent more than in November, and 13.77 percent more than in December 2022.