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Bulgaria’s First Lady Addresses Antalya Diplomacy Forum

Radeva spoke at a discussion on “Women, Peace and Security”, which was about women’s active participation in peace processes and the international community’s engagement in protecting women and girls during armed conflicts. President Radev was at the discussion as well.

In her speech Bulgaria’s first lady focused on the equal participation of women in public and economic affairs as well as the need to allow them to take on a leading role in addressing matters of peace and security. She said: “Mothers, who are usually closest to their children as they grow up, have an overarching responsibility and a chance to raise the young generations in a way that renounces violence and thus contribute to a lasting positive change in public attitudes.” She argued that this is the way to lasting peace.

Radeva noted: “Wars and conflicts put women in a particularly vulnerable position, but at the same time they are a model of courage in wartime.” She said: “The remarkable resilience of women is the best proof of their ability to contribute to a better, safer and more peaceful future for our world.” Radeva observed that ptomoting women’s involvement in peace efforts is a priority of the United Nations. She stressed the importance of Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security, adopted unanimously by the UN Security Council in 2000.

According to a UN report, more than 600 million women and girls lived in countries affected by conflict in 2022, which was 50% more than in 2017, the press release said.