Workers need second job to meet basic necessities, survey shows

Two in three Croatians are thinking about getting a second job to be able to meet the basic necessities given that their current pay is not enough in the wake of theВ constant growth of all prices and the cost of living, show the findings of a survey by the MojPosao job-search website.

Sixty-seven percent of the 750 respondents are thinking about getting a second job.

The inflationary pressures generated by the growth of energy and food prices and other living costs pose a considerable challenge for many workers and their families, MojPosao said, adding that despiteВ continuous pay rises, many have trouble meeting the basic necessities.

Respondents said they needed a second job to increase the household budget which, MojPosao said, points to a worrying dynamic of the financial challenges many workers are facing.

Inflation has taken its toll because a majority of respondents said the majority of their income, even up to three-fourths of their pay, wentВ for food and utility bills.

One in 10 persons has a second job.

Although 13% of respondents said they were not thinking about a second job because they were happy with their pay and able to meet all their needs, they noted that they could start thinking about a new or a second job if the cost of living kept rising and employers did not to raise wages as compensation for the rising costs.

One in ten persons said they already had two jobs to be able to survive, noting that it was inevitable.

Ten percent of respondents were unemployed and looking for a job.