Bulgarian, Montenegrin Universities Can Jointly Participate in Exchange Programmes for Students, Lecturers

Bulgarian Education and Science Minister Galin Tzokov and Acting Montenegrin Ambassador Jelena Filipovic-Stoianov discussed the opportunity for Bulgarian and Montenegrin universities to jointly participate in exchange programmes for students, lecturers, and postgraduates, as well as for scientists from both countries to work in consortia on joint projects, Tzokov’s Ministry said on Monday.

Bulgaria and Montenegro have recently signed an agreement on cooperation in education, which needs to be put into action and expanded. Filipovic-Stoianov expressed Montenegro’s interest in exchanging students and teachers. In her words, Bulgarian universities are preparing excellent professionals, but there are too few Montenegrin students in this country.

“We are ready to cooperate with Montenegrin university officials and to connect them with Bulgarian higher institutions according to their professional fields of study,” Tzokov said.

It transpired at the meeting that the Bulgaria’s Education and Science Ministry has developed a draft programme for cooperation in education between the two countries, which has been sent to the Montenegrin side for coordination. Filipovic-Stoianov expressed readiness to assist in moving the programme forward. She suggested that it should also include cooperation in PhD programmes from both countries.