Citizens Hold Large-Scale Protests in Support of Disfigured 18-Year-Old Girl from Stara Zagora

Massive protest rallies took place in all major cities and different towns across Bulgaria on Monday evening in support of the disfigured 18-year-old girl from Stara Zagora. Thousands of citizens expressed their disagreement with the Bulgarian judicial system and that perpetrators of such crimes have a sense of impunity for their deeds. The protesters demanded the magistrates, who initially released the re-detained 26-year-old G.G., accused of the crime, to resign.

The assault on the 18-year-old girl took place at the end of June, but the case gained widespread publicity only a few days ago. Defendant G. G. is charged with two counts of inflicting medium bodily injury and making death threats to the 18-year-old girl. More evidence is being gathered in the case and more medical examinations are to be carried out. This is the third instance of similar misconduct alleged against G. G. The District Court in Stara Zagora took a permanent remand measure of “detention in custody” on Monday against the accused in the attack on the girl from Stara Zagora over a threat to kill her.

Thousands of citizens gathered in front of Sofia’ Palace of Justice. The rally began at 6 p.m. It was organized by citizens on social media. Many public figures took part in the event.

Thousands rallied in Stara Zagora, the injured girl’s hometown to support her and protest against violence against women. The demonstration in Stara Zagora was attended by the girl’s parents and by Stara Zagora Mayor Zhivko Todorov. The crowd raised slogans against domestic violence, but also against Bulgaria’s judicial system.

Protests were also held in most regional centres, including Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Ruse, Blagoevgrad, Pazardzhik, Vidin, Kardzhali, among others, and other towns such as Petrich, Kazanlak and Svishtov.