Bucharest to host Forum of Romanian Students Everywhere, August 16-21

The third edition of the Forum of Romanian Students Everywhere will take place in Bucharest, August 16-21.

According to organisers, the Forum of Romanian Students Everywhere (FSRP) is an unprecedented initiative designed to bring together Romanian students from the country and abroad to debate important issues for the Romanian society.

FSRP is made up of the UN Youth Association in Romania (UN Youth), the Federation of Medical Student Associations of Romania (FASMR), the League of Romanian Students Abroad (LSRS) and the Union of Romanian Students (USR).

This year, the forum will have seven working committees, such as European affairs, education and youth, energy and the environment, justice and human rights, labour and economy, healthcare, culture and tourism.

The main debates are methods to combat gender violence and domestic violence at the European level; developing the Romanian educational system and process through innovative training of the human factor; analysis of sustainable energy sources in Romania from the perspectives of profitability and legislation; consolidating the protection and promotion of the rights of minors belonging to ethnic minorities in Romania; influences of digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence at work and in the Romanian economy; mental health, integrity and prophylaxis among young Romanians; digital transformation and application of Artificial Intelligence in enhancing Romanian culture and tourism.

The official opening of the FSRP convention will take place at the Government House on August 16 in the presence of government officials and leaders from various fields.

On August 16 – 21, at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work of the University of Bucharest, over 150 students from abroad and from Romania will have the opportunity to debate relevant issues facing our society. The solutions identified following the debates will form a written resolution. At the end of the project, the adopted resolutions will be presented and voted on in the General Assembly that will take place in the Auditorium of the Bucharest School of Economics (ASE). Later they will be presented to the public and the relevant authorities to be implemented.