Božinović: Fans who displayed Ustasha flag sentenced and fined

The football fans who displayed an Ustasha flag during a Euro 2024 qualifying match between Croatia and Latvia in Rijeka last week have been given a prison sentenceВ and a fine, and the investigation continues, Interior Minister Davor Božinović said on Friday.

“That’s the result of a prompt and effective investigation. I know that a complaint is being prepared for another offender and it may have been filedВ already,” Božinović told the press in Slunj after visiting the border police.

He said that the criminal investigation was ongoing to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this case.

The Croatian Football Federation said on Friday that Rijeka Municipal Court had imposed a fine of € 1,300 on the first defendant, identified as D. C., and a 20-day prison sentence on the second defendant, identified as D. S. The pair were banned for two years from any matches involving the Croatian national team, both in Croatia and abroad.