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BAS President, BTA Director General Meet on Occasion of Marin Drinov’s Anniversary

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) President Julian Revalaski and Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) Director General Kiril Valchev met on Friday on the occasion of the 185th birth anniversary of Marin Drinov.

Valchev recalled that Marin Drinov is among the founders of the Bulgarian state. He participated in drawing up of the Constitution and headed the period of the Bulgarian Revival. In addition, on his proposal Sofia became capital. “We can say that he is the first Bulgarian historiographer with his works on the Bulgarian history,” added Valchev. 

The BTA Director General took the occasion to award a medal on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Bulgarian News Agency to Academician Revalski. He expressed gratitude that BAS publishing house, which bears the name of Marin Drinov, has published the books dedicated to BTA’s 125th anniversary. 

“We are a Balkan news agency and it is no coincidence that we are the seat of the Association of Balkan News Agencies Southeast Europe,” underscored Valchev. He added that for a third year the news agency has a new type of cooperation with BAS.  Under a special partnership agreement BTA publishes information about the activities of the academy every week.

BTA Director General Valchev proposed a special issue of the LIK magazine that next October when the Academy marks its 155th anniversary with the news published by the Bulgarian News Agency about the Academy in 125 years. “With this issue we’ll pay homage to Marin Drinov. Bulgaria lacks this type of memory,” said Valchev. 

“This is a wonderful idea which will add to what we are planning to do for our 155th anniversary,“ said Revalski. He said he was glad that BTA publishes news from Bulgaria and abroad. “I am glad that you find time for science too. Not many institutions do that recently,” said Revalski. 

After the meeting Revalski and Valchev laid wreaths and flowers at the monument to Marin Drinov in the capital.

BAS President Revalski recalled that Drinov’s dream was for the Bulgarian Literary Society to become a science academy one day. He added that according to Drinov, a country can be proud of its contribution to the world based on knowledge, education and science.

„He also supported staunchly the view that science is international and that we have to build bridges to other peoples through science and culture. I think that his words hold true today, 185 years after his birth,” said Academician Revalski.