The two opposition leaders and a minister get threatened, the police are providing protection

The Kosovo Police has provided a close protection team for the two opposition leaders, Memli Krasniqi and Lumir Abdixhiku. For both of them, this institution says that based on the assessment, they have taken measures to provide security. Security through close protection is also being offered to the Minister for Community and Returns, Nenad Rashiq. The former commander of the Kosovo Security Forces, Kadri Kastrati, tells KosovaPress that he himself informed the Kosovo Police about this.

He considers that Serbia is not satisfied with the act of aggression on September 24, in Banjska of Zveçan. According to him, the Serbs will not surrender and will attack barracks and police stations, for which he estimates that the institutions must be vigilant.

In continuation, Rashiq has stated that he and his family have difficulties during their travelling to Serbia. He mentioned his son, who was detained for four hours at the border points, as he said, by BIA people. However, until the publication of the news, he has not confirmed whether he was offered close protection by the Kosovo Police.

The threats against the two opposition leaders, Kastrati adds, are a continuation of Serbia to achieve its goals.

In the response to KosovaPress, the Kosovo Police confirmed that it has taken measures to provide security to the leaders of the opposition parties.

“The Kosovo police, within the scope of their legal duties and authorizations, also assessed the security of important personalities and, depending on the information or findings, takes measures to provide security. In this case, measures have been taken to provide security to the personalities in question, and according to the assessment, security has been provided to them”, says the response of the Kosovo Police.

The chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Memli Krasniqi, declared during the day that he has never felt threatened. He emphasized that it was the assessment of the security bodies to offer him close protection.

The vice president of the LDK, Lutfi Haziri, stated that the president of this party, Lumir Abdixhiku, has not interrupted his work.

He emphasized that the security authorities have increased their attention towards the head of this party, but nothing has changed in his agenda.

It was recently reported that the police took the leaders of the opposition parties in the country under protection due to threats from Serbian terrorist groups.