Athens-Epidaurus Festival to open on June 1; program announced

The 2024 Athens Epidaurus Festival opens on June 1, with 93 productions over 85 days and the participation of 2,500 performers and creators from around the world, including a diverse program with outstanding global performers and new creators as well.

Events will include dance performances, concert, performances, screenings, discussions, educational programs, publications, parties, free events, retrospectives, new collaborations, and special platforms for professionals in the performing arts.

“Our performances this year are politically orientated, in the sense that they place in front and center the challenges of living together in modern societies: the demand for democracy, justice, and inclusion, as well as the urgent need for public participation. This theme underscores our programming, from 260 Piraeus Street to the Odeon of Herodes Atticus (Herodion) and the ancient theaters at Epidaurus,” the Festival’s artistic director Katerina Evangelatou said.

Dance will be performed at the Herodion again this year after an interim of a few years, with a performance by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s group Rosas. Performances at the theater in Athens will open and end with two opera productions by the Greek National Opera: Puccini’s ‘Tosca’ and Verdi’s ‘Traviata’, directed by Hugo de Ana and Constantine Rigos, respectively.

Greek musicians’ performances include ones by Dionyssis Savopoulous, Tania Tsanaklidou, and Mimis Plessas.

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