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Bulgarians Abroad Organize 9th Edition of Bulgarian Folklore Festival with Charity Cause

Bulgarians abroad organize the ninth edition of a Bulgarian folklore festival entitled “On the village square of the other Bulgaria”. The event will take place in Palma de Mallorca on May 11-12.

This year’s event will support the organisation of sign language training for ten hearing teachers who work in three schools and several centres for deaf children.

The training will be organised by the charity for Bulgarians abroad “Angels for Bulgaria” and the “Listen Up” Foundation, part of A sum of BGN 20,000 is needed for this purpose, the organisers said in a publication on Facebook.

The organizers write that there are about 5,000 deaf children in Bulgaria and only three schools with 900 places, and even in these schools there is no subject of sign language, and they learn it only by communicating with each other. The publication says that Bulgarian sign language will enter special schools in 2026 but there are no teachers who know sign language yet.

The teacher training will include six workshops and weekly classes led by five deaf teachers of Bulgarian sign language.