Pierrakakis: Well known foreign universities are interested in founding branches in Greece

“Discussions are taking place with big and well known foreign universities, which are interested in founding non-profit branches in Greece, as well as in cooperating, on a postgraduate studies level, with public universities,” Education, Religions and Sports Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis said to ANT1 TV on Monday.

“We have established the strictest criteria in Europe for the foundation of non-profit branches of foreign universities,” he said, adding that “this was the way to overcome the inflexibility of article 16 of the Constitution”.

Pierrakakis said he was certain that the law will be implemented, adding that “the opposition’s consent is desirable but not essential. The government has received a mandate to make changes and that is what it’s doing”.

Finally, on the European elections, Pierrakakis underlined that “the people will support us again, as they will appreciate our willingness for changes and reforms”.