‘50,000 euros for an athlete’, the ‘Super athletes’ program is launched

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has today launched the “Super athletes” program, in which 4 million euros will be invested for the next four years for young athletes of Olympic sports.

The goal of the program is to increase the number of Olympic norms for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games.

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Sports, Daulina Osmani, on this occasion said that this program is dedicated to the country’s top athletes, and that fortunately there are many of them in our country.

She added that the program aims to support the athletes in their journey towards the culminating results, thus changing the practice until now that the athletes have been supported only after they have won medals or achieved results in various international competitions.

Meanwhile, the President of the Kosovo Olympic Committee, Ismet Krasniqi, emphasized that the program will immediately identify 20 super athletes who will be supported with 50 thousand euros within the year and this will make it possible for Kosovo in the next cycles of the Olympic Games to appear with more athletes but also with a much higher level of quality.

Meanwhile, the Olympic champion, Majlinda Kelmendi, emphasized that with this program, a lot of support is being given to young athletes, adding that it is certain that this program will bring out many champions in the near future for the sport of Kosovo. Kelmendi recalled the time of her work, saying that the coach Driton Kuka himself had paid the expenses for many trainings.

Coach Driton Kuka expressed his satisfaction with this program and with the commitment of the state to the sport. He said that this concept will make possible the continuation of Kosovo’s successes in sports.

Kuka has also added that as the head of the commission for the identification of super athletes, he will give his contribution to find the best talents in the country, but also with dedication for the reasonable spending of this budget allocated by the Ministry of Sports for this program.

The program, compiled by professionals in the field, from KOC, MCYS and sports journalism, is led by master of norms and Olympic gold medals, Driton Kuka.