5 burning fires in Albania, efforts underway from ground and air to put them under control

TIRANA, July 26 /ATA/ On Wednesday, there have been identified five burning fires in the territory of Albania in context of a heatwave that has been going on for days.
144 soldiers of the Armed Forces, 13 vehicles, 3 fire engines and the Cougar helicopter have been engaged to put out the fires.
Speaking about the fire situation in the country today, Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi said that, “We are working intensively to keep fire outbreaks under control in the villages of Peshtan Plyk, Kraps, Kreshpan, Frakull administrative unit. While the intervention of the helicopter was requested in the pine forest in the village of Gjorgoz, since efforts from the ground were impossible. Meanwhile, there are also efforts made to douse the flames in Hekal village, Mallakastra municipality”, he said.
The minister said that the operation for the restriction of the fire hearths in the region of Vlora is also continuing.
“The work is continuing from the ground in the village of Buz in Memaliaj, to isolate the hearths of the fire. It has got difficult to put out the fire in the village of Skrevan, municipality of Dimal, where currently there is only the presence of smoke. The situation is under control and the fire is moving towards complete isolation in Gjallica mountain, Shtiqën administrative unit, Kukës municipality”, said Peleshi. /m.m/p.s./