Türkiye’s Salt Lake attracts visitors with stunning color change

Meeting 70% of Türkiye’s salt needs, lake is on UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List
Merve Berker |
26.07.2023 – Update : 27.07.2023


The stunning change in color of the Salt Lake in Türkiye’s central Konya province offers its visitors fascinating views.

The lake, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, meets 70% of Türkiye’s salt needs.

The algae in the lake protect themselves from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays by producing a red beta-carotene substance during summer when the temperature and salinity increase.

In this period, the color of the lake turns pink or red because the halo bacteria reproduce too much.

A large part of the Salt Lake turns white in summer when the salt rises to the surface.

This change in the lake offers a visual feast to its visitors as it welcomes a significant number of both domestic and international tourists every year.