100 paintings, signed by Romanian painters, from Soleil de l’Est collections at ICR Stockholm, as of April 5

The exhibition titled Great Retrospective of Contemporary Romanian Painting in the Soleil de l’Est Collections, which includes 100 paintings by contemporary artists, will open on Friday in the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) Stockholm gallery.

The event, curated by Michel Gavaza, will include a presentation of contemporary paintings, a conference on recent Romanian art and screenings of reports made during Romanian artists’ residencies in France, ICR Stockholm said on Monday.

The exhibition brings together works signed by 30 well-known painters from Romania, including Petre Achitenie, Gheorghe I. Anghel, Sorin Ilfoveanu, Suzana Fantanariu, Stefan Pelmus, Ion Salisteanu, or from Sweden – Ligia Podorean-Ekstrom and Constantiu Mara.

“The relevance of this event is given by the fact that the works that will be exhibited in Sweden were created in France by 30 Romanian painters, under the influence of the impressions and emotions they experienced during their participation in the artist residencies run by Soleil de l’Est, through an in-depth knowledge of the French heritage of the Loire Valley, with its famous castles, and of the Midi, in Collioure, the cradle and world capital of fauvism,” said curator Michel Gavaza, quoted by the ICR.

The exhibition will be open until 20