Berlusconi false will case sees one arrest in Colombia

An Italian businessman living in Colombia has been arrested in the case of an allegedly fake will left by late three-time ex premier and media mogul Silvio Berlusconi, who died in June last year aged 86 having dominated Italian public life for a controversial three decades.

Marco Di Nunzio, a Turin entrepreneur living in the South American country, was arrested on the orders of the Colombian authorities, for the case of Berlusconi’s ‘phantom’ Colombian will.

In the meantime, Milan prosecutors Marcello Viola and Roberta Amadeo have closed the investigation in view of a request for trial for the 55-year-old for forgery of a will and attempted extortion against the late children of the charismatic and deeply divisive ‘Knight’ (of Labour).

Di Nunzio published a will in which he claimed that in front of a notary in the Colmbina city of Cartagena Berlusconi bequeathed him 26 million euro, a yacht, villas in Antigua and 2% of his media to banking and construction behemoth Fininvest.