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Works on installation of big bridge in Kukës get underway

TIRANA, February 25 /ATA/ The works have begun on installation of the big bridge over the Drini River in Kukës. This is the second most important work along the Road of the Nation motorway connecting Albania with Kosovo after the tunnel in Kalimash. The works consist in installation of the assembled parts of the big bridge over the river.

The big bridge is a 30 million USD investment which makes an economic event in the area and connection between the two countries. The bridge will be 310 meters long all in steel and is built according to a special architecture.

The ruling Socialist Party MP Pandeli Majko, who is also the political leader of Kukës region, wrote in the social media about the rather big event of an economic impact for the area.

The bridge is due to be open for the tourists season.

Due to the works underway, there was reported that the movement of vehicles along Kukës-Morinë road segment will deviate for a two-week period