Albania takes over presidency of Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities

Albania took over today the presidency of the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities (MNRA) while hosting for the first time in Tirana the proceedings of the 22nd Plenary Assembly.

The assembly focuses on the challenges of present-day media environment.

Chairperson of the Audiovisual Media Authority Armela Krasniqi expressed her responsibility as the host country of the MNRA Assembly in Albania.

Krasniqi said that during the two days of the Assembly, there will be discussed on the important challenges that the media market and the regulatory authorities face.

“During the recent years, there has been an unprecedented technological boom,” said Krasniqi.

Further on, Krasniqi presented the work of the AMA as the Regulatory Body of the audio and audiovisual market in Albania and the initiatives so far aimed at adapting to the new realities of the media market.

Josip Popovac, President of the AEM of Croatia and outgoing President of the MNRA also delivered a greeting speech. He emphasized that, “The purpose of this meeting was to identify and select the most important topics that are of interest to all the member countries of our network”