What impact does disinformation have according to the historian from the USA?

Fake news should concern us all and the only way is to actively fight it. This is what the historian from the USA, Jason Steinhauer, told KosovaPress, who emphasized that most disinformation aims to incite hostility and tensions between groups in order to incite violence in the real world.

Historian from the USA, Jason Steinhauer, tells KosovaPress that disinformation on social networks causes damage and can be very dangerous.

For the prevention of disinformation, he said that there should be regulations and media education. According to him, critical thinking and other ways of searching for information are needed, whether in professional newspapers, libraries or archives.

Also, he states that these types of stories can lead to violence in the real world and therefore this is a problem that everyone should be concerned about and actively fight against these phenomena.

“These types of narratives can actually lead to real world violence that hurts and harms actual people. I think our goal should be to prevent that. We want to find ways that we can live in harmony with each other. And much of the disinformation that we see is purposefully intended to stoke animosities and tensions between groups in order to actuate real world violence. And that is something that we should all be concerned about and actively fighting against” he says.