Winter Season Preparation Plan adopted

The Government adopted the Winter Tourist Season Preparation Plan today, for the purpose of connecting entities at all levels to facilitate seamless preparations, which is expected to boost their qualitative, quantitative, and financial effects.

“Ultimately, the goal is to increase the level of satisfaction for tourists, the tourism industry, and the local population, as indispensable stakeholders in the sustainable development of tourism,” stated a press release issued by the Government.

According to the press release, the tourism products will be designed to attract tourists throughout all winter months, with a focus on the pre- and post-season, rather than just the peak tourist season.

The emphasis will also be placed on high-end markets, despite the fact that this is a very competitive segment.

It was concluded at a Cabinet meeting that the development of tourism was not an end in itself, but rather a driver for the development of agriculture, transportation, infrastructure, trade, as well as for raising the standard of living for the local population, satisfaction of tourists, and all direct and indirect participants in this process.