Area of cultivated land increases

Last year, the cultivated agricultural land covered an area of 263,520 hectares, 3.9 percent more than in 2022.

According to Monstat, 94.6 percent of the utilized agricultural land is covered by perennial meadows and pastures, while 2.7 percent is arable land, two percent is under permanent crops, and 0.7 percent of the agricultural land is covered by yards.

“Compared with 2022, the total area of perennial meadows and pastures increased by four percent, the area covered by arable land increased by 5.8 percent, while the area under permanent crops and yards shrunk 2.8 percent and 0.8 percent respectively,” says a press release issued by the Statistical Office.

Last year, the total production of maize increased by 12.5 percent year on year to 3.17 tons, while the production of peppers dropped by 1.3 percent.

In the same period, the production of cucumbers, and watermelons decreased by 1.3 percent and 6.4 percent respectively.