‘Voice is Essential’ NFT collection dedicated to broadcaster Radio Romania released on platform ICI D|Services

The NFT collection ‘Voice is Essential’ was released on Wednesday on the platform ICI D|Services, the first European platform for institutional NFT trading, during the Radio Romania Gala dedicated to the celebration of 95 years of uninterrupted service of the National Radio Broadcaster, the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest said.

“The collection brings to the fore the significant impact the human voice, as a symbol of the human spirit, has had in our society, highlighting moments of strength and silence, of clarity and ambiguity. As a whole, the collection reflects the essence of evolution and human spirit during the 95-year journey of broadcaster Radio Romania,” the release states.

The NFTs are inspired by the radio shows that were broadcast between 1928 and 1947 by radio pioneers such as C. Radulescu-Motru, Sextil Puscariu, Mircea Djuvara, Virgil Madgearu, Ion Petrovici, Dimitrie Gusti, Mihai Ralea, Mircea Florian, N. Bagdasar, Mihail Sebastian, Paul Zarifopol, Alice Voinescu and many others, all demonstrating the fondness of the Romanian elites of the time of the new media phenomenon.

Broadcaster Radio Romania is the main producer of original cultural content in Romania. Throughout its 95 years of activity, Radio Romania has put a mark on the history of local journalism, becoming an essential vector in the country’s media landscape. Through its stations, Radio Romania promoted culture, art and national values, maintaining itself as an authentic voice in Romanian society.

The ICI D|SERVICES (ICI Decentralized Services) platform was developed by the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics and is dedicated to digital assets. Initially, it will manage non-fungible tokens and will operate based on the decentralized blockchain and Web3 technologies. This is the first government initiative to join the ecosystem of innovative applications built on the MultiversX blockchain network.