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Korab-Koritnik natural park, Gjana tells ATA: About 40 thousand tourists in January-September

The local and foreign tourists visit the Korab-Koritnik natural park all year round.

This park is located at an altitude of over 1300 meters above sea level.

Director of the Administration of Protected Areas in Kukës Lefter Gjana told ATA today that, “From January to September, 39,735 tourists, of which 18,810 locals and 20,925 foreigners visited this park.”

According to him, the most favourite destination is the Trail of Colors.

During mountain climbing, the visitors have a taste of other natural monuments, such as Beles Waterfall and Kallabaku Lake, where they enjoy the panorama that this lake offers.

Korab-Koritnik Park has 25 natural monuments (the third category of protected areas in Albania). The peak of Mount Korabi, the highest in Albania, has a rare beauty. In addition to it, there are other mountain ridges, with limestone and gypsum formations, covered with herbaceous plants and alpine pastures, with different types of fragrant flowers during spring and summer.

The cold water springs, natural lakes, snow-covered mountain tops, offer great opportunities to enjoy every detail of mountain tourism in winter and summer.