Virtual meetings essential for businesses in attracting customers

Online meetings are considered to be a successful and necessary method to attract customers, expand cooperation with partners, increase productivity and efficiency of businesses.

The advantages of an online meeting between the business and the client are the possibility of global access, cost efficiency, time saving, flexibility and convenience that they offer, advantages that provide space for real-time communication, sharing ideas and fostering a culture of innovation.

This was said today in the training held within the project “Support for women in the development of their businesses”. The main focus of this training was the advice offered to women on how holding online meetings enables them to attract as many clients as possible, open up new opportunities for launching products and become stronger competitors in the market.

In the framework of this project, which is implemented by the non-governmental organization “Center for Innovations and Development”, and financed by the Slovak Agency for Development and International Cooperation “SlovakAid”, many women received instructions from the most diverse so that their business “blooms”, at this time where the competition is increasing more and more.

The trainer of this project, Linda Baleta, said that effective, clear, simple and accurate communication are among the main points that an online meeting should contain.

Baleta highlighted as important the proper use of technology for the development of online meetings with clients or partners.

“Global access: Virtual meetings break down geographical barriers, allowing us to connect with customers and partners anywhere in the world. This approach enables businesses to expand their reach, enter new markets and foster international collaborations without the constraints of physical distance. Cost efficiency: Traditional face-to-face meetings often come with large expenses associated with travel, accommodation and venue rental. While virtual meetings significantly reduce these costs, making it more feasible for businesses of all sizes to engage with customers and stakeholders without straining their budgets. Time saving: With virtual meetings, there is no need to deal with time of traveling or logistics. Meetings can be scheduled at short notice, minimizing delays and speeding up decision-making processes, which is essential in today’s dynamic and fast-paced business environment,” said Baleta.

Apart from these, Baleta emphasized that among the components of online meetings are technology, communication and commitment.

She added that among the most used platforms for conducting online meetings are: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, social networks including Instagram, Viber, Whatsapp and others, which enable spontaneous, real-time meetings with clients or partners.

Likewise, Baleta emphasized that in today’s digital age, online meetings are necessary so that women in business can be more productive, as close as possible to customers and cooperation with partners.

“Virtual meetings are meetings using the Internet and various communication technologies. They can be realized as a video or audio conference. The aim is to make meeting, collaboration and decision-making easier. In today’s digital age, online meetings are essential in order to be as productive as possible, as close as possible to customers and cooperation with partners. Among the components of online meetings are technology, communication and engagement. You can choose the right technology that suits you to ensure smooth communication. Among the most used platforms, we have Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, but social media, instant communication tools such as Viber, WhatsApp can be used very well. These modes enable spontaneous meetings in real time with clients or partners. Effective, clear, simple and accurate communication are among the main points that an online meeting should contain”, emphasized Baleta.

Among other things, Baleta said that proper preparation is key to a productive meeting experience. She added that the preparation of clear objectives and agendas, prior recording of the topics to be addressed, also influence the development of a productive and successful virtual meeting.

The preparation of the necessary materials, the environment, the technical configuration, the appropriate clothing, the manner of speaking and presentation, are other components that make up an effective virtual meeting.

The training cycle will continue with women in the business field from all over Kosovo, in which there will be even more detailed information and advice regarding doing business in the best way.