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Chess grandmaster Kasparov at Tirana’s special “House of Leaves” National Museum

Albania’s Minister of Culture Elva Margariti met today the visiting Garry Kasparov, chess grandmaster, former World Chess Champion (1985–2000), political activist for human rights and writer.

Together, they visited one of the most special museums in the country, the “House of leaves” National Museum, evidence of persecution and survival under the communist dictatorship.

On this occasion, Kasparov got acquainted with other projects of the Ministry of Culture for the establishment of other places of remembrance.

“As the history of Albania itself under the Communist dictatorship that was installed at the end of World War II and continued for almost half a century, the “House of Leaves” also, was covered for a long time with all sorts of legends and it comprised the unknown, a mystery. Whispers of people and rustling of leaves… By opening the doors of this house, presenting the activities that were conducted in it and many other things related to it, this museum will unfold simultaneously aspects of Albanian society in the conditions of a regime that aimed at the total control over the human bodies and souls. Interceptions, checks, spying … that brought arrests, internments, tortures, severe punishments for quite many innocent people. This museum is dedicated to them…”- is read on the official page of the museum./