UNSA strongly condemns unacceptable behavior of the two students and glorification of war criminals

SARAJEVO, July 19 (FENA) – The University of Sarajevo strongly condemns the inadmissible behavior of two female students of the Faculty of Criminology and Security Studies who glorified a convicted war criminal and used hate speech in their posts on social networks, the day after the funeral for the victims of the genocide in Srebrenica.

NSA Rector Rifat Škrijelj and Dean of the Faculty of Criminology and Security Studies Jasmin Ahić conveyed the position of the UNSA academic community at a press conference today, condemning the behavior of the students, Valentina Vujičić and Slađana Todić, and pointed out that there are no circumstances that can justify the individuals who celebrate as heroes those convicted of crimes against humanity by international courts.

“Glorification of convicted war criminals is an insult to victims and survivors and undermines collective efforts to build a just and inclusive society,” they said and emphasized that UNSA has zero tolerance for any form of support, promotion or glorification of convicted war criminals.

In this sense, the University of Sarajevo, guided by the provisions of the Law on Higher Education of the Sarajevo Canton, the UNSA Statute and the Code of Ethics, will complete all the foreseen procedures and procedures in which the circumstances of that unfortunate event will be considered and the appropriate and legally determined measures will be imposed.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina declared itself competent in determining the possible criminal offense committed by the two students. Disciplinary proceedings are ongoing, and the public will be notified when they are completed.

“The University of Sarajevo welcomes all students who respect the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federation of BiH and the Sarajevo Canton and who accept the laws and rules that apply to UNSA as well. There is no place at UNSA for those who deny genocide and glorify war criminals hailing them as heroes. This applies to both employees and students. This clear position of ours is unquestionable,” stressed Škrijelj.

(FENA) S. R.